Fantastic fonts and where to find them


Typography is key to a good design. Finding the right font is the backbone of every design project. If you are creating for a client, your blog, your social media content or your crafting business, finding the perfect font is crucial in order to nail the final result. In other words, with the proper font you can define the tone of your design and set the right mood. As you already know, the hunt for the perfect font is magical, but the process can be quite time consuming. In fact, if you are searching for free fonts or even to buy fonts, the unlimited resources on the web right now are overwhelming. So, to make your life a bit easier I created a short list. Here are my top places for fantastic fonts and where to find them!


Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace for design assets from independent creators around the world (me included!). Here you can find a large collection of quality fonts (but also other types of graphic resources) for a fair price. This marketplace offers standard licenses for fonts, that allows you to use the font in unlimited projects for personal use and 1 project for commercial use.

Tip: every Monday, Creative Market offers 6 products for free and usually there are some cool fonts among them. You can sign up on Creative Market and opt-in for the “Free Goods of the Week” newsletter so you won’t miss them.



Fontsquirrel is the no 1 place to find quality freeware fonts that are licensed for commercial work. The site offers handpicked and high quality collection of typefaces that you can actually use for commercial use! Also, Fontsquirrel is easy to use, with a test drive feature and a super handy filter (display fonts, calligraphy fonts, handdrawn fonts, etc), so finding the perfect free font is really fun and easy.



Fontspring is the sister site of Fontsquirrel and is the perfect place for hunting down quality fonts with a simple, flexible licensing. Even if commercial licensing is often quite confusing, here you can customize your font license to your exact needs. Similarly to Fontsquirrel, the website is easy to use and you can actually preview the fonts before you buy them. And if you are worried about fair creators compensation, worry no more! Fontspring has created a fair font commitment, so they pay foundries 70% of every sale, the highest rate in the industry. You can search for “Konstantina Louka” if you wish to find’s font collection on Fontspring.


Google Fonts

My personal favourite library of free fonts! All the fonts in Google Fonts catalog are free to use and open source, making beautiful type accessible to anyone for any project. Most of the fonts are multilingual and are released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1. Google Fonts integrates with SkyFonts, a font manager for cloud-based font services that allows you to use fonts from various services on your local computer.




Fontbundle is a font marketplace made for crafters, where they bundle up the best fonts and they market it for a very good value for money. If you are searching for bundle of fonts, here is the perfect place for you. They also sell individual fonts as well, at affordable prices (my fonts included).

Tip: There is a section of the website that helps introduce first time customers to Fontbundle products with free font downloads and allow them to try before they buy. Also you get a free font treat every week!



Dafont is one of the largest collections of freeware, shareware, demo versions or public domain fonts on the web. This website offers you a handy list of font themes to choose, like: calligraphy fonts, script fonts, handwritten fonts, brush fonts or even themed by season: Christmas fonts, Valentine’s fonts or Halloween fonts. Here you can download for free 3 of’s fonts.
Tip: Only visit with a clear vision of the typeface you need, otherwise you will spend hours searching for what you want!

So these are my top selections for finding a new font (when I’m not creating one myself!). Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

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