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Keep up with the latest Greek fonts, graphics and more. News about the latest Greek Fonts, seamless patterns, vector graphics, illustrations and more.

Lil’ baby Script Font Update! v3.0

Lil’ Baby Script Font Major Update! Lil’ Baby script font just got a makeover!   The font Lil’ Baby Script Font is a modern calligraphy font with romantic vibes. This font has a really nice flow so you use it in a large text and it’s perfect for wedding invitations. Also, Extended Latin character set […]

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Lukara Font Major Update! v2.0

Lukara Font Major Update! Lukara font just got a revamp! The font Lukara Script Font is a free modern calligraphy font with which you can achieve a handwritten-type lettering feeling. This font has a really nice flow so you use it in a large text if you want to give them a touch of personality. Lukara Pro Script […]

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Nadirii Pro Font Major Update! v6.0

Nadirii Pro Font Major Update! I am glad to announce a new improved version of Nadirii Pro Font, now in version 6! The font Nadirii Pro Font Handcrafted is a typeface with a nostalgic touch and the lost sibling of Nadira Pro Font ( you can find it here) This font with support for over 30 languages can […]

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Nadira Pro Font Major Update! v8.0

Nadira Pro Font Major Update! I am glad to announce a new version of Nadira Pro Font, now in version 8!   The font Nadira Pro Font is a high-quality Greek, Cyrillic and Extended Latin hand-drawn serif font. The font that looks formal enough on wedding invitations, but it’s not too shabby. It is a handy font […]

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Four years in a bundle!

If you told me four years ago that today I would be writing a blog post about my collection of over 30 fonts, I wouldn’t believe it. But here I am, reminiscing my design rediscovering years that past by. 30+ Greek fonts, 330 vector digital wreaths and over 200 seamless patterns, are part of the bundles I released the […]

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Fantastic fonts and where to find them

Typography is key to a good design. Finding the right font is the backbone of every design project. If you are creating for a client, your blog, your social media content or your crafting business, finding the perfect font is crucial in order to nail the final result. In other words, with the proper font you can […]

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My First Brush Font Bundle

5 Brush Fonts, only $19! Here is my long overdue Brush Font Bundle to feast your creativity. All the fonts in the pack are multilingual lettering fonts with Greek (of course), Latin characters and diacritics. Download now This collection comes with a variety of brush fonts, from dry brush fonts to smooth brush fonts to […]

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