Nadira Pro Font Major Update! v8.0


Nadira Pro Font Major Update!

I am glad to announce a new version of Nadira Pro Font, now in version 8!


The font

Nadira Pro Font is a high-quality Greek, Cyrillic and Extended Latin hand-drawn serif font. The font that looks formal enough on wedding invitations, but it’s not too shabby. It is a handy font with multilingual support that has a great variety of applications. Food packaging, restaurant menus, branding and wedding invitations are some examples of the numeral applications. The wide range of language support of the font makes it ideal for international food packaging. Especially if you are looking for a logo font, it’s the perfect design tool for natural organic product packaging and branding. The style of the font is shabby chic but still, is maintaining it’s legibility and balance.

The update

Nadira Pro Font v8.0 is here! The new improved version of the font is now available for free download on all selling platforms for the previous customers and available for sale at the same price for the new customers. An icon set in PUA has been added to the font in a Webfont format and new improved kerning for Cyrillics.

The 5-year journey

5 years after the first version of Nadira was released, the font is still going strong! Numerous changes have been made through the years, a bold version of the font has been added, the kerning has been improved, the vectors have been improved and more Greek and Latin ligatures have been added. Nadira Pro Font is still the best seller font here at       

The future

I hope you like the new version, please feel free to send me any feedback or ideas for improvement that I can include in a future update.

Test Drive Nadira Pro Font!

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