100 Arrow Procreate Stamp Brushes



The 100 Arrow Procreate Stamp Brushes Pack is a large collection of Procreate Stamps. All arrows were hand-drawn and digitized. The pack includes several shapes, types, and sizes.  These are the 4 types of arrows you can find in the pack:

  • arrows,
  • dot arrows
  • chart arrows
  • freestyle arrows

Useful for digital collages and any other Procreate artwork that requires arrows and charts.

The files included in the 100 Arrow Stamp Brushes for Procreate are:

  • 100 Stamp brushes for Procreate (This brush set is only for Procreate and iPencil.)
    With your purchase, you get also the vector files of the pack:
  • 100 EPS separate files
  • 100 SVG separate files
  • 100 PDF separate files
  • 100 PNG with transparent background files in RGB color profile

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I hope you make something cool with it! Enjoy,


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