Handdrawn Fruit Illustrations Collection



Handdrawn Fruit Illustrations Collection

This Handdrawn Fruit Illustrations pack is a collection of graphite drawings of the most popular fruits. Are searching for juicy hand-drawn graphic clip arts? Search no more, with 39 popular fruit this pack is a handy asset for you. With a variety of file types, such as JPG or PNG with transparent backgrounds, this illustration pack is ready to use. In fact, this pack is ideal for fruit packaging, art projects, restaurant menus, juice stands, and food packaging.

So, with your purchase of the juicy hand-illustrated pack, you get the following files:

Graphite Version:

  • 39 PNG file with transparent background of the fruits (8″x 11″)
  • 39 JPG files of the fruits

Colored Version:

  • 39 PNG colored file with transparent background of the fruits (8″x 11″)
  • 39 JPG colored files of the fruits

The fruits included with this pack are the following:

  • banana
  • cherries
  • apples
  • pears
  • strawberry
  • grapes
  • peach
  • fig
  • avocado
  • orange
  • pineapple
  • blueberries
  • kiwi
  • pomegranate
  • plums
  • lemons
  • tomato
  • apricot
  • olive
  • mango
  • guava
  • raspberry
  • passion fruit
  • goji berry
  • cranberry
  • melon
  • pistachio
  • hazelnut
  • mulberry
  • mandarin
  • bell pepper
  • star fruit
  • açai berry
  • coconut
  • kumquat
  • grape fruit
  • dragon fruit

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I hope you make something cool with it!


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