ANTIO Marker Font Update! v3.0


ANTIO! Font Update! v3.0

Antio marker font just got more characters!

Antio marker font

The Marker font

ANTIO Greek Font is an all Caps marker font with Greek (of course), Extended Latin characters and diacritics. In addition, I hand-lettered the characters of the font with a marker and as a result the font looks natural.

Since the first launch of the font back in 2015, a lot of people have embraced this fun font into their design process. Packaging, restaurant, cafe/bar menus and food industry brands are some examples of the numeral applications of this typeface. Also, the shabby-chic style of the font is perfect for your daily graphic design needs like social media quotes, blog headers, posters, art projects, crafts and why not logotypes.

Antio! Font v3.0 is here! 
Of course, the new improved version of the font is now available for free download on all selling platforms for previous customers and available for sale at the same original price for new customers. An Extended Latin character set has been added to the font! 

The future

I hope you like the new version, please feel free to send me any feedback or ideas for improvement that I can include in a future update.

Test Drive Antio! Font!

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