HandBrushed Greek, Cyrillic Typeface Melidia Font Update! v3.0


Melidia Font Update! v3.0

Cyrillic Typeface Melidia Font is here!

The creative process

Let’s talk about how my first encounter with brush lettering back in 2016 has turned into a fun font. In fact, I really enjoyed the process of hand lettering with ink on paper and how it developed into a fun, quirky font. As a matter of fact, drawing the letters with ink with a brush was so satisfying. After I hand-lettered all the letters on paper, I just digitized the characters and made the font. Actually, Melidia Font turned into a multilingual lettering font that’s perfect for your modern graphic design needs. 

Cyrillic Typeface Melidia Font v3.0 is here! 
So, the new improved version of the font is now available for free download on all selling platforms for the previous customers and available for sale at the same price for the new customers. In summary, an Extended Latin and a Cyrillic character set have been added to the font! 

Not only Melidia is sold separately, but it’s also included in a brush font pack that you can find here.

The future

I hope you like the new version, please feel free to send me any feedback or ideas for improvement that I can include in a future update.

Test Drive Melidia font!

Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow

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