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Great news everyone! is proud to announce our collaboration with Canva! We worked with the popular design platform to enable easy use of fonts for all your graphics!

What is Canva?

As you probably know, Canva is a drag-and-drop web-based platform helping you design stunning graphics with professional layouts, hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics, as well as access to tenths of fonts. And now, best sellers Nadira Pro, Evey, and Luka are added on the Canva Pro font list.

Greek and Cyrillic fonts: Nadira, Evey, and Luka

Nadira Pro, Evey, and Luka are handwritten fonts with multilingual support. With Greek (of course), Cyrillic and Latin characters and diacritics, these fonts can support all European languages and over 30 languages in general. Also, Nadira Pro Font supports extended Greek diacritics or Polytonic Greek.

How to use fonts on Canva

In order to use Nadira, Evey, and Luka fonts in Canva, you need a Canva Pro subscription.

If you have another favourite font that is not currently available via Canva Pro, don’t despair. You can always use all your favourite fonts via the platform. In fact, the process is super easy, you can upload and use any licensed font you want.

Stay tuned for more!

We’re working on more ways to use fonts anywhere you want! Do tell us if you’re a Canva user. Have you spotted our fonts? Do you like the platform? What other tools do you use for your graphics?

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