OXYA Handcrafted Font | Cyrillic Greek Update! v3.0


OXYA Handcrafted Font Update! v3.0

OXYA Handcrafted Font just got a Cyrillic character set!

The history of the font

OXYA Handcrafted Font is a handwritten, multilingual display font. Although this whimsical font is a favorite among the crafting community, the applications of the font are endless. In fact, the versatile font was first released back in 2016 and it was an instant hit. Definitely, the fact that I created the font with just a fountain pen and printer paper played a key role in the success of the font.

In addition, this messy handwriting font is the perfect graphic design tool for baby shower invitations or any craft project. Similarly, you can add a human touch with this handwritten font on Instagram quote posts or any other social media content. Not to mention that designing restaurant menus or any natural organic product packaging has never been easier with the help of the OXYA Handcrafted Font. Again, if you are a crafting aficionado this is the ideal scrapbooking font to have in your collection! 

The first major update of the font.

Cyrillic Typeface OXYA Font v3.0 is here! The new improved version of the font is now available for free download on all selling platforms for the previous customers and available for sale at the same price for the new customers. As a matter of fact, an Extended Latin and a Cyrillic character set have been added to the font! 

The future

I hope you like the new version, please feel free to send me any feedback or ideas for improvement that I can include in a future update.

Test Drive OXYA font!

Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow!

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