How do I type in Greek Font?


With a couple of easy steps we managed to install the fonts on our computers. Next we have to add a second language support in our system so we can enable Greek character set. Here is a quick guide how to do this.


Windows 10:

• On the Start button click Settings

• Click Time & Language and then click Region & Language.

• Select Add a language and choose the Greek language from the list. Enjoy your Greek font!

OS X (Mac users):

• On the Apple menu, click System Preferences.

• Click Language & Region, and then click Keyboard Preferences

• Click +, select the Greek language, and click Add.

• Select the Show Input menu in menu bar checkbox.

• Now you can open your favorite application and use the font. Enjoy your Greek font!

That’s it! Now you have installed your fonts and you are ready to type in Greek characters using your favorite programs and applications.

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